December 18, 2019

6 Great Subscription Boxes for Cat Lovers (2019)

You have a cat but you don't have a lot of time to buy, like, cat stuff. Enter: Subscription boxes. They're not just for meal kits anymore! Move over, BarkBox. These are the six best subscription boxes for cat lovers in 2019 and beyond.

Photo: Meowbox[/caption]


Meowbox is a subscription box for the Apple generation. It's clean and super simple to set up. You can expect your monthly Meowbox to be full 4-6 items ranging from cat nip to trendy toys to treats, and you can even substitute non-food items for cats with dietary subscription. Our favorite part? For every box you buy, Meowbox donates a cat of cat food to a shelter cat. Price: Around $23/month

Photo: KitNip Box[/caption]

KitNip Box

KitNip really plays up the health angle and all treats and toys contained are always all-natural. In addition to the fun stuff you'll also get hygiene items in your box, which can be customized specifically for homes with more than one cat. Quality is the name of the game at KitNip and they consistently receive some of the best reviews of any cat subscription service. Price: $19-$29/month depending on your number of cats

Photo: Whiskerbox[/caption]


Whiskerbox is for fancy catpeople. "Premium" is what you're getting here. You can expect to receive 4-5 items including brain-stimulating toys for your cat, haute kitty couture, and highly nutritious treats. This is the box for people who are choosing to pour all of the resources they would have put into having kids into having a cat (or nine) instead. It's the Rolls Royce of cat boxes, is what we're saying. Price: $35-$50/month depending on whether you want cat clothes (you do, duh.)


Photo: CatLadyBox[/caption]


If you like your subscription boxes with a smirk, CatLadyBox is for you. The standard CatLadyBox doesn't actually have stuff for your cat, it's got cat-related stuff for you! (Think: Cat magnets, cat-shaped ice molds, cat jewelry, etc.) If you want to upgrade to the CrazyCatLadyBox you'll also get two items for your cat(s). Owning your Cat Lady status has never been easier or more convenient. Price: $34-39/month 

Photo: PrettyLitter[/caption]

Pretty Litter

Okay, so Pretty Litter isn't an "open for toys!" subscription box like the others, but it's a monthly cat delivery service that all cat parents should know about. Each month, 4 lbs. of Pretty Litter will be delivered right to your door (shipped free!) and this stuff is pretty revolutionary, TBH. It absorbs then eliminates moisture - no clumping! - and it stops odors before they start. Not only that, but it changes color when it detects blood, alkaline, or high acidity in your cat's urine. Honestly, you'll never go back. Price: Around $22/month (per cat) and you can earn rewards over time

Photo: Rescue Box[/caption]

Rescue Box

Rescue Box is a subscription service after our own heart. It's not a cats-only company - they do doggy boxes, too - which makes it a smart choice for multi-species homes. Best of all, every box you buy helps donate 5 lbs. of food and two vaccines to a shelter animal in need. Oh, and did we mention you can choose your box based on the size of your pet (dogs only)? Philanthropy and flexibility...Rescue Box has it. Price: Around $24-$29/month depending on frequency

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