Until now the only options have been management of dehydration & symptoms!

This is potentially the first drug targeting the disease process.

Do you have a cat that is showing any of these signs?

• Drinking more water than normal?

• Has a poor haircoat or lost weight?

• Has a poor appetite or eats less than before?

• Has bad breath that they did not have before?

If so, your cat may have chronic kidney disease (CKD). The only way to know is to ask your veterinarian to run a blood test.

What is CKD?

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is the leading cause of illness and death in middle-aged to older cats. The trigger for CKD is often unknown but factors such as age, breed, diet, comorbidities, stress, and use of some drugs can play a role. In cats with CKD their kidneys progressively lose their ability to function properly. The only way to diagnose CKD is with a minimum of 2 bloodwork analysis at least 2 weeks apart. In the early stages, bloodwork may be abnormal but the clinical signs may be very subtle.


The stem cells used in this product are derived from a healthy donor cat’s uterus that is collected during a routine spay procedure. Rather than the uterus being discarded as normal after surgery, it is packaged in a sterile manner and shipped to Gallant for harvesting of the cells. The donor cat recovers normally from the spay procedure.

The mesenchymal stem cells are harvested, cultured, expanded, and frozen at ultra cold temperatures to provide a source of live cells once thawed at the time of treatment. These stem cells have the ability to immunomodulate (regulation of the immune system to be adaptive) through cellular signaling. This provides a natural and targeted mechanism for the treatment of disease.

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