August 26, 2019

11 Free Things to Do With Your Dog in SF

And no, they're not (all) hiking.

1. Mornings at Alamo Square

Everywhere you loooookkkkk....there are dogs. Alamo Square becomes a de facto dog party on weekend mornings, and it's also a fantastic picnic spot. Dogs are allowed to run off-leash, but beware there's no fencing!

2. Bark at the Beach

It may not be LA, but SF is still home to some really awesome dog beaches. Whether you stay in the city or take a little road trip, just be sure you know how to keep your dog safe around the ocean.

3. Do the Steps

Is your dog up for a little exercise? The 16th Avenue tiled steps are a crowd favorite, and we're partial to the weird and windy Filbert Street Stairs. If you're up for some mansion-gazing with your cardio, why not try the (decidedly wider) Lyon Street Steps?

4. Stroll the Embarcadero 

The Embarcadero is arguably the best place to stroll in the city. It's got public art, wide open grassy areas (keep your dog on-leash, please!) and has what's probably the best view of the Bay Bridge in the city.

5. Savor the Mission Murals

The Mission has some of the most cutting-edge mural art anywhere, and this kind of art appreciation is free. We love Balmy Alley and Clarion Alley for colorful gems with all kinds of

6. Take in TreasureFest

TreasureFest, happening monthly, is the absolute coolest thing to do on Treasure Island, and on-leash pets are always welcome. Great food, craft beer, and over a hundred booths and exhibits? Sign us up for this one-of-a-kind flea market.

7. Do a Self-Guided Walking Tour

There are literally dozens of professional walking tours going on any given weekend in the city, but you can download your own route from a variety of websites for free, and you don't have to ask anyone if you can bring your dog.

8. Have a Beer

Unsurprisingly, San Francisco is home to a lot of really great dive bars, and some of them even allow dogs. Here are a couple of our favorites.

9. Bork at Some Seals

Does your dog like seals? Do you even know? On-leash dogs are allowed and even encouraged out on Pier 39. You'll even have options for dog-friendly outdoor seating at several restaurants on the pier, along with a pet store!

10. Walk Out to the Wave Organ

Listen, you already know what the wave organ is, but have you taken your dog? Grab a latte at whichever food truck is parked in The Marina, take in the most SF "sculpture" there is, and if you've got more gas in your tank, take a lap through the nearby Palace of Fine Arts.

11. Snap a Pic at Corona Heights

Sure, you could do Twin Peaks like everybody else, but why not check out the most underrated view in the city instead? Corona Heights Park is a relatively easy hike for dogs and you won't be fighting for space to get that 'gram at the top. It's totally dog friendly, so you'll probably even make some new friends.  

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