December 7, 2019

6 Ways Your Pet is Telling You They Need to See a Doctor

You know your pet. You’ve taken endless selfies with him, he sleeps in your bed, and you even made him a Halloween costume, for goodness’ sakes. But have you been paying attention - really paying attention - to whether or not he may need to see a doctor? Here are six ways your pet is telling you they need a visit from the vet.

1. Unusual Odors

Not like wet dog smell...but something more unusual? Strong, sudden smells can be a sign that something’s amiss; odors usually equal bacteria. A vet can check for bad teeth, an ear infection, or whatever else could be causing a pungent stench.

2. Constant Scratching

Is your pet’s scratching driving you crazy? It’s probably driving him crazy, too. Constant scratching could be a sign your pet’s skin is too dry, or even that he’s allergic to something in the environment or his food. Best to have a vet take a look.

3. Eye Oddities

Eye symptoms can be hard to spot. Sometimes it’s excessive blinking or watery lids. Other times it’s too much “goo” or sudden redness. If your dog or cat is having trouble with his eyes, he’s probably uncomfortable.

4. Depressed Mood

Yes, pets can get depressed, too! Have you noticed a change in the way your animal sleeps, eats or plays? Maybe he’s not interested in playing anymore or perhaps he’s been avoiding contact altogether? If your dog or cat is in a funk, a vet can help.

5. Bathroom Troubles

How often do you actually watch your dog go to the bathroom? Issues such as urinary tract infections and recurring constipation can present themselves subtleley. Even occasional diarrhea could be a sign something’s amiss with your animal’s digestive tract.

6. Excessive Licking

Dogs lick to communicate their feelings; cats lick to clean themselves. But did you know that sometimes animals lick to soothe pain or to calm themselves? Licking could be symptomatic of anxiety or even a sign your dog or cat is experiencing pain you didn’t know about, from arthritis to allergies.   

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