January 17, 2020

Never Ignore These 4 Cat Behaviors

Does your cat have any odd behaviors? Yeah, ours too. Cats are eccentric creatures and they all have very unique personalities. Many of their behaviors are just quirks, but others should be taken a little more seriously.

Here are four feline behaviors you should never just ignore.

1. Sudden Hiding

A lot of cats like to hide as part of their play...it's instinctual! But if your cat begins hiding more often or seemingly with more anxiety, it's time to make a veterinarian appointment.

Cats have adapted to hide when they're sick as a means of protection. If they're weak, they can't defend themselves from predators and thus hide to stay safer longer. Hiding could mean your cat is feeling pain, has a chronic undiagnosed condition, or even is suffering from stress or anxiety. Your vet can help determine what's up.

2. Urinating in the House

Cats don't generally urinate outside the litter box unless something's going on. Maybe your cat has a urinary tract infection that's causing pain. Maybe they're frustrated you've been staying at work late. Maybe they can't control their own bladder as they reach old age.

"Marking" isn't always marking; sometimes it's the first obvious sign of a medical condition. Talk you your vet about running some diagnostic tests if your litter box trained cat starts eliminating elsewhere.

3. Aggression with People or Pets

Some cats are naturally pricklier than others. If your cat has always been touchy about personal space, it's probably just a personality quirk. But if your cat usually loves being rubbed and petted and is suddenly biting and scratching unpredictably? Something's amiss.

Aggressive behavior can be a cat's response to pain...again, it's self-protection. It can also indicate your cat's suffering from severe anxiety or stress, both of which are treatable.

4. Anything Radically Different

You know your cat better than anyone. There are a few behaviors that can be tell-tale signs of illness, but for the most part, you'll know something's off with your cat when their behavior changes drastically. They're pretty consistent!

Has your cat suddenly started tearing apart all your shoes? Eating sidewalk chalk? Meowing nonstop? If the change is enough for you to notice, it's time to reach out to the vet. Better safe than sorry.

Worried about your cat's behavior?

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