August 26, 2020

New Survey Shows What Life is Like with Pets in the Pandemic

Though 2020 has been a tough year of change, many people have found joy and comfort in adopting or fostering new pets. With Americans fostering more animals than ever during the pandemic, how much do pets play into our lives?

In honor of National Dog Day, we conducted a survey of 1,000 Americans to find out how pets and pet parents have been faring during the quarantine. The findings were illuminating and showed just how much we love having a pet by our side during this diffucult time. 

The large majority of pet owners would rather work from home, even after this is over, to spend more time with our favorite furry family member. We've spent more time with our pets than with people, and nearly all adoptions that have happened since the pandemic again weren't previously planned. During quarantine, dog owners are also taking more steps and excerisong more, and we're taking better care of Fido's health. 

Below are the full findings from our survey. Make sure to show a little extra love to your loved one for taking care of you as much as you're taking care of them during this time. 

Pups are the best quarantine company 

  • More than 68% of pet parents have spent more time with their pets than with people in the pandemic.
  • Of pet parents who have adopted since the pandemic begin, more thatn 79% didn't have plans to adopt.

With a pet, WFH isn't all doom and Zoom

  • More than 83% of pet parents would continue to work from home after the pandemic if given the choice.
  • 28.5% of pet parents have had a surprise appearance from their pet on a video meetings.

Dog owners move more & get more steps

  • Nearly 40% of dog owners are getting more than 5,000 steps a day compared to 21% of non-dog owners.
  • Dog owners are getting more excerise with 24% excerising more than they did before compared to 18.5% of non-dog owners.

Pet owners are paying more attention now to pet health than before

  • 11% of pet owners have realized their pet has health issues that were unnoticed before quarantine.
  • 42% are thinking more about their pet's health now than they were before the pandemic.


Happy National Dog Day!


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