August 4, 2019

The 7 Best Dog-Friendly Workplaces in NYC

Dog-friendly offices aren't just the rage, they're becoming the norm. In major metropolitan areas - New York, LA, San Francisco - one of the first things fast-growing companies add to their list of "must haves" is a pet policy. And it makes sense. Over 60% of Americans own a pet, and millennials in particular say that the ability to bring their dog to work is a huge factor when it comes to time to choose a company. And with over 3,000,000 people working in New York City every day? It's fast become an epicenter for dog-friendly workplaces. Who's gone to the dogs? These seven NYC workplaces are some of the most dog-friendly in the entire city. bitly-glassdoor 

1. Bitly

Bitly's New York office may be on Fifth Avenue, but don't let the address fool you. The environment at the link-shortening company is warm and welcoming, thanks in no small part to the company's decidedly open pet policy. Employees say dogs in the office help reduce stress, improve morale, and generally just make everyone feel great. Bitly's dog policy is the same in all its offices including those in SF and Denver. big-spaceship 

2. Big Spaceship

Big Spaceship, a digital agency based in Brooklyn, does not tiptoe around their dog-friendliness. According to the company's own manual, "It's not unheard of for a dog to wander into your meeting and sit on your client's lap." The firm's open office plan does, indeed, make a great place for dogs to roam...and all employees are warned not to leave sandwiches at the edge of their desk.

3. Google

Did you know that Google was a dog-friendly company? It is! And the search giant's Chelsea office space - it's 2nd largest office - is no exception. The big G makes a point to disallow cats in its offices, though...not because they don't like cats (righttttt), but because the powers that be say the presence of so many dogs can be off-putting for feline friends. etsy-glassdoor 

4. Etsy

Also based in Brooklyn, Etsy has been dog-welcoming since it's inception way back in 2005. The goal of the online handmade goods retailer's pet policy is to help maintain a, "casual, creative, and inspiring environment." As Etsy has grown, the "Dogs of Etsy" have become such a mainstay at the office, even formerly dog-averse employees have jumped on-board. And bonus points: Etsy's big on rescues, too! oscar

5. Oscar

Based on Lafayette, Oscar is a health insurance startup really shaking up the industry. While the company is said to be one of the most consumer-friendly in its industry, Oscar's offices are also incredibly pet-friendly, too! The office Pomeranian, Tommy, is the de facto head of morale - and he even has his own blog.

6. Fueled

Fueled is an award-winning app design company in downtown NYC. They're also one of the city's dog-friendliest workplaces...just ask the office Brussels Griffon, Frasier! Employees at Fueled can (and do) bring their dogs to work every single day, but there's more. Fueled is also behind a particularly prolific co-working space in SoHo called the Fueled Collective that's dog-friendly, too! mcgarry-bowen-facebook

7. McGarryBowen 

McGarryBowen isn't just one of the most well-respected ad agencies in the city (and no, it's not on Madison Avenue, it's in Chelsea), it's also one of the dog-friendliest. Employees at all of MB's U.S. offices are encouraged to bring their dogs to work; the NYC office alone has over two dozen dogs who regularly roam the halls. Woof.

Are you lucky enough to work in a dog-friendly office?

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