October 25, 2019

What Your Cat's Tail Movements Are Telling You

Everyone knows that a dog with a wagging tail is probably a happy one. But what about cats? Are our feline friends trying to communicate with us using their longest appendage (yes) and...what are they trying to say?

Let's talk about what your cat's tail movements are probably trying to tell you...

Slow-Moving Tail

A cat whose tail is slowly moving from side to side is likely very focused. They're probably bee-lining towards a treat, a toy, or something they can pounce on.

Flicking or Fast-Wagging Tail

When a cat's tail is moving quickly or flicking back and forth, watch out. It's likely a sign they're agitated and could mean they're about to strike.



Question Mark Tail

Is your cat's tail sticking straight up then curved at the end like a question mark? It's playtime! They're in a fun, personable mood, so take advantage of it.

High Tail

If your cat's tail is waving around high while they strut around the house, they're feeling confident and content. They know they're the king of the castle!

Tucked Tail

When a cat - or most animal - tucks their tail underneath their body, they're signaling submission. If your cat is doing this, they're probably feeling nervous or threatened.

Puffy Tail

If your long-haired cat "puffs" up their tail like a huge pipe cleaner, they're feeling threatened and trying to appear bigger than they actually are. Be wary.



Low Tail

If your cat is holding their tail very low, beware. This is a position cats take only when they're feeling very serious or threatened. Be aware that for some breeds, this is the natural tail position!

Remember, cats don't love being touched near their tails. In general, give this part of a cat's body plenty of space and try to pay attention! Cats are generally pretty reserved when it comes to their emotions - their tails are one of the best tools we have for finding out what's actually going on inside their heads.

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